Proyectos programación

Power Up challenge: Animal Shelter


Requirements span across:

  • Dataverse
  • Power Apps (model driven apps & canvas apps)
  • Power Automate cloud flows.
  • Power BI reports.


1. Create Dataverse tables and load available shelter data.

2. Create a model driven app listing all the animals in the shelter and their details.

3. Create a canvas apps listing all animals available for fostering or adoption and their details.

4. Send Power Automate notification containing fostering process details.

5. Create a Power BI data visualisation dashboard.

Requirement details – Dataverse

RequirementPersonsUse case
Create Dataverse tables and load available dataShertel StaffTo effectively manage all shelter data in one place

Create data structure & import the shelter data provider in the Power Up Challenge resources.

Requirement details – Model – driven app

RequirementPersonsUse case
Create a model drien app listing all the animals in the shelter and their detailsShertel StaffTo effectivily manage all shelter operations

View a list of animals displaying name, type, shelter status and shelter name.

Ability to sort and filter the animal list by type of animal, by shelter status and by shelter name.

Ability to select an animal and see animal details such as name, type, age, sex, shelter status, location, medial issues, upcoming veterianary appointment.

Ability to update the detials for an animal such as medical issues veterinary information and mark an animal as «ready to foster» once they have passed their medical requirements.

Authentication for the shelter staff, foster family and marketing team is NOT required.

Requirement details – Canvas app

RequirementPersonsUse case
Create a canvas app listing all animals, available for fostering, and their detailsFoster FamilyTo facilitate choosing an animal to foster

Select a local shelter name.

View a list of animals at the selected local shelter that are ready to be fostered, featuring name, type, age, picture, and any medical conditions.

Ability to selet an animal, enter foster family information and update the status to «claimed for foster» on click of a button and the family that the animal is associated.

Requirement details – Power Automate

RequirementPersonsUse case
Send Power Automate notification containig fostering process detailsFoster FamilyTo advise the foster family on next steps

When an animal’s status changes to «claimed to foster», send a notification email to the foster family indicating details associated with the animal and a date to arrange to come and pick up the animal.

As you do not have access to users within the Power Up tenant, send/recivee emails using your personal email adress.

Requirement details – Power BI

RequirementPersonsUse case
Create a Power BI data visualisation reportMarketing TeamTo showcase shelter accomplishments
  • Latest News (in last 1 months)
    • Number of pets who arrived at the shelter.
    • Number of pets that were fostered.
  • Trends (in las 3 months)
    • Most rescued type of animal.
    • Most fostered type of animal.